As you all know, it’s an ongoing trend from all over the world. Who wouldn’t want to try it? I occasionally watch Korean series, but when I do, I think to myself, “How in the world your pores are non-existent?”

I’m personally lazy to do any routine in my life. I’ve always lacked conviction (but that kinda changed when I started dragon boat-ing lol, shameless plugging) And spending 40 minutes of the day for my face is easily one of that. Until a friend of mine, Trish, posted about her journey with the famous routine. Trish is one of my college friends and it never crossed my mind that a girl like her who’s fair-skinned would have any insecurity. Just like all of us, we have something we hate about our faces that would easily cause us to limit ourselves from doing things we want to do. I love make-up! It makes us feel beautiful but you have to admit it, there will be days when you’re too lazy to put any and you just want to take a selfie with a caption saying, “woke up like this”. Oh, please, tell me you didn’t want that even for once. *Rolls eyes emoji* But that just was not possible for me knowing the abundance of big, open pores, dark spots, which have been on my face for so long that it’s about to celebrate its own anniversary. So yeah to cut it short, I checked it out myself, personally messaged her and asked her for tips.


Trust me, I have spent a lot on exfoliation washes, facial washes for all types of skin, toner, moisturizer but none of it ever worked. Since, I’m engaged in water sports and I’m on a boat minimum 4 times a week I can’t help but have this dry, flaky, annoying face of mine. During that time I messaged Trish, I was using Therapeutic Sulfur Masque by Peter Thomas Roth. It took me 30 minutes of going back and forth to Sephora because man, it was expensive but reading the good reviews pushed me to try it myself. And so I did and it did not fail me. It helped the small bumps on my face to flatten. I used this almost everyday and it did help my skin lose the annoying bumps but as any review would say, the mask alone is not enough to achieve the goal you have for your skin. I would negate anyone who thinks this is a marketing strategy for us hopefuls to buy the package as one to get the good result because every product should be treated with respect as to what it does. And really, investing on our faces? I think that’s worth it. But as I’ve mentioned, I’m involved in water sports and under the sun every week that’s why the dryness of my face didn’t subside, plus I had a budget and so if the product says it can do what I want it to do at an affordable price – it’s a green light for me.


Trish’s post was perfect timing and so she tipped that using the mask alone was not enough. Luckily, I had a short trip to the Phils and buying in bulk (since I would not be coming home soon) was a perfect idea. She’s been very accommodating and y’all in the Phils. should support her. She gives her honest opinions on all the products whether it’s going to work or not and more importantly, she easily earned my trust cause she had first-hand experience on the product and it worked for her. There’s always a risk in trying new things and I think I’ve made a good bet. We still need to consider what works best for us cause no matter how good a review is on a product, if it’s not for your or you’re not “hiyang” then it’s simply not for you. I have a sensitive face and heart, lol, but this honestly worked for me and I would love to share the experience to people who face the same insecurities as mine. When I was still in the Philippines I didn’t have this problem and knew my pimples were just usually coming and going without putting so much effort on it but since I’ve moved and the climate is rather different here in Doha, I had to take care of my skin. Our faces need protection from the sun and more importantly better than any beauty product there is, we need to hydrate and hydrate to maintain natural moisture. We also need to take into consideration other factors like the food we eat and our habits. The goal I have for my skin has been achievable ever since I started being conscious about the food I eat and of course with the help of the addicting routine. Now, I can go out without make up unlike before when I used to cake my face with concealer.

Before and after photos and sharing my personal favorites will shortly follow.

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