I’d love to share my journey with the Korean Craze. Not all products I use are korean products but the routine itself is Korean-inspired and I follow these steps to help me achieve my glowing skin!

So generally, for doing the routine this is the steps to follow, but I don’t do all of it in my routine. As I’ve mentioned before, we do what works best for our skin or where we’re hiyang.

  1. Make up remover – I simply use petroleum jelly, it’s way cheaper and it works just right for me. I put some on a cotton ball or ear buds to wipe those excess mascara away.
  2. Water-based cleanser – I have two and they’re my LIFE SAVERS. They’re my forever favorite and not to sound exaggerated, they changed my life.

I stay loyal to both of them, wait that sounds wrong, but I do use them both every other day. They helped my dark marks lighten and my pores tighten. In my next blog posts, I will show you my before picture when I used to cake my face with lots of concealer because I had bumps on my face, which seemed to be clogged pores from dirt. As I’ve mentioned in my previous post, I have tried all sorts of facial washes but only these two were able to maintain the moisture on my face and do its magic to bring out the glow that I’ve always yearned for. Naks. I have had dry face ever since I moved here and some products tend to clear my face, yes but the dryness is still there. There was a time when everyone in the office was asking if I was sick cause my face was peeling IN A BAD WAY. So thank you to Lanolin and Enprani. I hoarded Lanolin and gave it away to close friends, and trust me, they loved the results.

3. Exfoliator – I use this mask I mentioned previously, Peter Thomas Roth . Therapeutic Sulfur Mask for treating acne. I don’t use it everyday as also prescribed because it can cause dryness or peeling. So I use it every time I see a potential zit showing on my face. HA HA. It’s been cooperative and I don’t regret spending 200+QAR for this savior.


4. Toner – Plays an important role in the routine as this helps minimize the pores, removes dead skin and cleans without totally drying it out.


5. Essence – I simply use the excess from the sheet masks ❤ Wink wink.

6. Ampoules – I bought one from the Phils, which my sister failed to bring because she fears getting stopped at the airport since it was in a glass bottle. It would’ve been my first time using as Trisha recommends the product for my skin type as I get this dark marks for my annoying pimples. Oh well, I’ll find a way to get it as long as it’s allowed hahaha!

7. Behold, everyone’s favorite part!! Sheet masks – My personal favorites are Strawberry, Tomato and Aloe.

Strawberry Essence

  • keeps the skin bright
  • improves complexion
  • helps prevent acne
  • and my favorite, it hydrates the skin!

I use this the night before I have my boat training as it helps me keep the moisture. Salty water can make our skin dry and increase the chances of wrinkles. 😦


  • we all know the benefits of tomato in real life
  • revitalizes dull skin and enhances inner glow
  • minimizer pores
  • treats acene
  • anti-aging properties


  • gives stressed skin soothing and moisturizing feeling
  • anti bacterial properties
  • helps prevent wrinkles (yay!)
  • hydrates skin


8. Eye cream – I have no experience with eye creams and I don’t want to ruin their reputation anyway cause my genes caused this dark circles around my eyes. HAHA. And the best way, I believe to maintain dark circles-free eyes is good and complete sleep. 100%

9. Moisturizer – My favorite product ever! You know it’s always my goal to maintain the moisture on my face. I apply this Aloe Vera Soothing Gel of Foodaholic night and day. It helps bring out the glow and maintain hydrated skin. Thank God, I found you.


10. S.P.F – Very important. We should always use SPF when going out to protect our skin from the sun even during the winter dayszzz. It helps block the rays of the sun and prevent possible skin-aging and age spots. This is what I use for now:


Aside from the routine, I use petroleum jelly for my lip care. Petroleum Jelly has been very helpful to me especially when I was so desperate to find a way to keep myself moisturized 😥 I reached the point of putting it all over my face HAHAHA but it did help it was just not comfortable at times and not too convenient to go out like I sprinkled cooking oil on my face.


So there you have it, I’m excited to show you my before and after posts in the next few days for you to fully grasp why I’m getting crazy over this. ❤

If you wanna understand more the routine I’m following please feel free to comment or send me an e-mail to and we can talk about how we can help each other achieve the goal we have for our skin.

2 thoughts on “Korean Skin Care: My Routine

    1. Hi Lily! Yes effective siya mayrong glowing effect si Lanolin na tumutulong din i-lighten yung dark spots. Sa Korean routine ko, wala akong ibang ginamit na spot corrector pero naglighten siya. For my customers yun din ang feedback nila sa soap ☺️💖


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