Okay, it reached a point when I just literally hated myself for having ugly skin no matter how hard I tried to regain that youthful glowing look I used to have. I wasn’t this conscious before and I honestly didn’t put much effort on my skin because I was already fine with it. ‘Til it reached a point when my skin had adjustments to make for a new environment and I was already desperate enough to try anything and see if it works.

So we obviously know what worked for me and is still doing its magic for me to be this satisfied. Below are photos of my before and after/now:

Both photos were taken after my workout and yeah, the pimples marks are waaaay too visible on the first one. We have to understand that it takes time to make something work and we just need to embrace the process and appreciate even the littlest progress. I have nothing on my face but sweat and yet on the second photo, my skin still looks hydrated.

I feel sad looking at my photo. I remember feeling really insecure without concealer on and even if I do use concealer, my skin still looks dull and dry.

On the second photo, I’m simply wearing eyebrow make up and cha cha tint from Benefit for my face. No concealers or foundaiton to cover up my face and yet yey, I kinda look fresh? Hehehehe.

My mole cant decide which side it’s on. JK. Okay so I don’t know anymore. There were no filters used in these photos. Be the judge on this.

I’m sharing this not solely to make profit out of it but I just want everyone to feel the same experience. It took me a while before I can confidently go out of the house without make-up on and this was made possible because of one routine. It may take minutes to do it but it’s worth it. We just have to be consistent and it’s our skin we’re taking care of, right? To invest something that will build your confidence up is surely worth our time and effort.

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