We all know that most of the population of Qatar are expats who have left their homes to work away from families and the familiar. There are hundreds of thousands of Overseas Filipino Workers here and all over the world, mostly away from their families to sacrifice for their loved ones’ better life or other personal reasons. We tend to get busy and thus, the line “Work is life” applies.

But amidst the stress and the fast-paced life we’re living, we still need to find our outlet or relievers whether it be fitness, party life or traveling and mine is Dragon Boat! Trust me, I had 0 knowledge before I got on to that boat and tried it that hot day in June. And since then, it has somewhat taken over my life in a good way as I’ve found a way to move on from my dark and past life that I had, which should be highly avoided in this post or ever, LOL. There were times undeniably though, when we reached a point and ask ourselves if we made the right decision cause of the intense training HAHAHA JK COACH, but you know it, we know being engaged in this sport is one of the best decisions we made.

So this post is about signs on how “Work is life.” but “Dragon boat is lifer” and well, of course, featuring my team MASTERPIECE *harthart*.

1.When your alarm list isn’t just for your work schedule but it somehow looks similar to this:

Wake up early or feel guilty the whole day for missing an important training day. But wait, every training day is important 😳

2. When you understand how this is one of the best creations in the world. Butt savior!!!

Idk how we’ll function without this… You agree.


3. When you relate all the commands or dragon boat terms IRL.

Nervous about the race and thinking of smoking and your friend replies with this:

Hi, paddlers. I think it’s about time we say “SAMED MGA MUMSH”

4. When you name a fruit your team fruit because of your team color. 😐(and yes, this is how shallow you all are @teammates)


5. When after a strenuous race event overseas, you decide to camp and be away from the dragon boat world for a while but still…

Me: Tao ba to???

You: Hindi, hindi!!!

Me: Beast???





Entire Human Race:

6. When you already set high expectations for yourself to impress coach but…

You end up knowing it wasn’t just you 😂

7. When you read the paper and find yourself 😲


8. When you believe eating certain food actually helped you win.. (rolls eyes)

CHAMPorado 😒


Lamb CHAMPs 🙄

9. When you just can’t get over winning…

Even champs have house chores too:



When your co-workers are waiting for you to find out whether you won or not but actually, you won’t have to say a single word anymore HAHAHAHAHA


10. Last and definitely not the least, when you thank God, win or lose, before, during or after the race for having your family with you 💖 It’s not just about finding the right sport for you but also finding the right people to do it with 😉

When you’re away from home or family, we all need something that would help time go faster. Yep, work is life but life can’t just be about work. Hope you liked this post!

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