At first, I was jittery because of all these common feeling first-timers would feel like dying underwater, running out of air or coming across a Megalodon. HAHAHA. But then, I managed to pick myself up in the middle and realized if I gave up then no diving for me in the Philippines. I’ve always been interested and always wanted to try but it’s more costly back home and for some reason, I just didn’t push it. But when you’re in a country like Qatar, you have got to find something to reward yourself with while you’re earning. That is why I have dragon boat and now Scuba Diving. My instructor offers a good kind of deal because it’s just not purely business, he’s been in this field for so long that money is not the primary purpose of why he teaches. He generously shares his knowledge and understands the differences of his students. Some can do one skill in one try, some cannot (uhm. hi).


The whole experience was actually fulfilling. Especially when you’ve finished the skills training and then I have experienced a fun dive and during that final dive I did, I was less conscious about myself or if I was doing the right thing and instead, I was able to be much more aware of my surroundings. There was not much life down in the water here, but during my last dive before I got certified, I got to see school of fishes! Ok, I know I’m shallow, what more if I get home and see the best dive spots in the PH. Can’t wait to share that with you once it happens. Let’s not jinx it for now!!!


I’m planning to go directly to Advanced Open Water diver course because for Open Water there are certain limitations with regards to the water depth, to overhead environment such as diving in caves or wrecks or night diving. I have yet to learn a new set of skills and of course refresh the ones I learned from Open Water course. I do not know when yet but I’ll definitely do it.

I claim my bragging rights for successfully finishing this course ❤

*Check out my 1-min video of our fun dive last May 12. If you’re currently in Qatar and you want to be certified yourself, hit me up to refer you to the instructor that made me tick off one of my bucket list!

Throwback to my 1st dive!

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