I could have chosen a better featured image but this was the only photo with the people I spent most of the night with. Excuse all the mess I made but Jumbogurl ain’t sober that night haha!

After the race last March, I had time to put myself out there again. Though I didn’t know how at first because I own three dresses to date..? Yup. For me enjoying the night is about drinking booze with friends and being silly together not minding anything or anyone else. I’m not really into putting much effort on how I’ll look like, so wearing heels for a night out would easily make me uncomfortable possibly all through out. I heard about Backyard before but I never had the chance to come because I wouldn’t sacrifice a single morning training for getting drunk. I took the chance when it was our “off” from training to finally experience Backyard.

First of all, I’d like to call out the person who helped me regain my self-esteem bit by bit. I spent most of the off season running at Al Arabi, sometimes with my family and sometimes just by myself. ‘Til I met Karen and we share the same love for dragon boat. I let her know about how thirsty I was to have a night out outside my team. Not that I didn’t want to go out with them!! I just took a break from the dragon boat world – though, obviously she was paddling too having mentioned that we shared love for the same sports, she was from another team and she was kinda the best person to spend nights like this with. So thanks, Karen.

I’m not one to compare because obviously I haven’t tried all the clubs/bars here in Doha but now, I don’t think I have to. Backyard was a chill place for me, I don’t feel like I have to impress anyone (Something I need to work on myself, because I shouldn’t feel like I need to impress anyone at all, anytime of the day), I’m a sneaker-girl and they have burger and fries. Lol. So if you feel like, taking a breather after a long tiring week of working, the perfect place to be – Backyard. You can wear anything you want to wear, flipflops? Shorts? A n y t h i n g. And there’s a lot of dancing, too.

Let the photos speak for themselves cause I told ya, I’m not the one to compare. All I can say about my first time here was that I completely had a good time. Be silly, be yourself!

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If you want to go to Backyard after Ramadan, message me!!!

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