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A series of firsts!

It’s Buhangin Divers’ first time to participate in a dragon boat mock race; my first time to paddle stroke side (right); my first time to paddle for fun.

There was no pressure at all, no training and yet we still placed 7th out of 9th. And that’s not even the best part, I won’t even feel a tad sad if we placed last. There’s just something with the crowd that assures you that there are no rules but only to have fun. We’re used to being together underwater, only communicating through hand signals and understanding body language and yet we found ourselves one day signing up for the uncertain on a boat with one day training. Majority of the group have not tried it before and some had prior experience (even veterans on the sport) yet in the end, no one regretted it.

Our dive instructor Mendel was the one who initiated us to join. He’s the best dive instructor in Qatar. Hahaha, but it’s true. All of us are skillful divers, the product of his selfless sharing of knowledge and expertise.

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Kuya Mendel accepting our trophy for participating in this event.

The National Sports Day in Qatar is a dedicated sports day held every second Tuesday of February every year. Cool, right? Even in our company, we were invited to join the event, which I also joined in. Lol.

It’s dedicated to come as one community who are engaged in the same sports we’re fond of. It’s a friendly competition and the goal is to stay fit and healthy. Kudos to the other teams, of course I’m always hats off to Masterpiece. Masterpiece is obviously where I came from and learned the sport if you kept track of my previous posts.

Buhangin Divers was given the chance to join and we all enjoyed the experience. Sometimes, we all have to take a break from the routine-based life we’re living. It somehow strengthened the camaraderie amongst us. We were able to train 2 days prior to the event itself and yet somehow we were able to at least make the boat move!! Hahaha.

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If you want to be apart of our group and take a course, just send me a personal message and I’ll directly refer you to our very accommodating Instructor. 🙂



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