This is a long overdue post on Saracen Winter Race Festival 2017 that happened November 24 last year.

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The competition was held in Grand Hyatt Hotel open for recreational and premier groups. After what happened in Korea, the whole team was looking forward and beyond excited to join a competition. This was good news for us. All sports require commitment and dedication. It’s a mixture of time, effort, strength and teamwork. As a part of Masterpiece our beings are set on the goal and that is to see fruits of all our hardships.

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We placed 1st runner-up on the Mixed and Open categories. It was a neck-to-neck race and accepted the results wholeheartedly. We did our best and it’s one way to recognize that we have to continuously work harder to achieve our goals. Well I’m not one to say anymore since I have been inactive since that last race. I’ll always look up to this people for this dedication. I’m the type of person who’s easily shaken when facing defeat or self-doubts, realizing that I’m not a good ingredient for the team well, at least for now. Who knows?

MP 4
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My favorite part of the event was when we, the Women’s team won as champions.  The women’s team faced all the trials and tried to meet the standard training. Sometimes you can’t help but complain every pool training for the back pain, for keeping up with the timing, or when your arms don’t cooperate with you. Given the fact that at that time, the team didn’t have a boat yet and still, we as a whole were still able to give a good fight.

The tears naturally came down my eyes realizing that after a year filled with trials, we put an end to 2017 with a good note. I’ll always be supportive of the team. The team is what brought my family and I closer and have found some friends too whom I’ll consider my family. I’ll always, always be thankful for the irreplaceable feelings, experiences, learning that the team has imparted on me. No one can ever take that away from me and it’s not as if anyone’s trying to. My love and concern for everyone were genuine feelings. Masterpiece taught me the sport patiently. I may be a slow learner but it has brought me a matchless achievement. It has given me confidence in myself that I could be good at something for as long as I put my heart to it.

I hope that even if may not seem like it, this is what I believe in:

The best dragon boat team in Qatar will always be Masterpiece.

MP 2

To join or try paddling, check out their facebook page. MP is very welcoming of newbies and sees to it that anyone, experienced or not, willing to learn will actually learn and learn to love the sports.



Masterpiece Dragon Boat Qatar


Masterpiece Dragon Boat Website




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