To celebrate the International Women’s month, our group, Filipino International Triathletes Qatar in coordination with the Philippine Embassy in Doha, organized a Fun Run Event to honor all the Women from all over the world. The International Women’s day is officially on March 8 but the fun run will be happening on March 9, at the Museum of Islamic Arts, starting from 6-9a.m.

As a woman, I’m proud that we continuously fight for gender equality; our rights; our voice in the society. This event is to celebrate the achievements of the Women all over the world and continue to strive to influence gender parity. We play an integral part in different aspects of life. We have a great influence on the world. We are beyond the stereotypical concepts built for us.

We expect you to be there as this does not only promote fitness but the real empowering truth behind it.

Who run the world???

To register, please click on this link. See you there!









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