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Last March 9, FitQ and ANSAP ran a successful event that garnered more or less 300 participants of all genders and ages.

Prior to the event we had a meeting to discuss the technicalities of the event. FitQ leader, Pres. Jaynald (click the link to know more about the group) assigned different responsibilities to us members. To stress the actual meaning of the fun run we all agreed that we, the women of the group, will run along with the participants. I was the one of the group B pacers. To lessen the risks of any accident, the participants were grouped into three, A – competitive, B – immediate and C- moderate runners. Yup, there was a competitive group as there were prizes for the top 10 winners (female category). It’s free free for all and there are prizes as well, talk about big shot. (Thank you for the sponsors)


The committee agreed to meet at the Museum of Islamic Arts at 5:00a.m. to prepare the venue, tents and to familiarize ourselves with the route. There were groups assigned at the refreshment station, while the guys from FitQ were assigned as marshals at different points.

Prior to the fun run, we warmed up by doing a little aerobic exercise by the group’s very own, Linda. Just the right amount to heat our bodies up before we start our 2.7km run. (*in my previous blog: International Women’s Month Fun Run: March 9, 2018 I mentioned 3km run, which I now apologize for for some fake news lol.)

Warm Up
Photos grabbed from FitQ group:

To be honest, I have not participated in any fun run before. I love the fact that women were present in such event. As I was running, almost at the finish line I spoke to one of the girls, which I now feel stupid for, for not asking her name. She shared that her grand kids ran along with her but they were now somewhere at the back of the group. She somehow proudly said that at her age she has not stopped from the starting line as we were nearly approaching the finish line. I complimented her, which was true enough that she didn’t look like she already had grand kids! I encouraged her that we can make it through if we both run together at a right pace, breathing in and breathing out. We hugged at the end!

Photos by

That’s what we all should do! Empower each other! Let’s break the stereotypical petty things society thinks we girls do! Doing sports know no age. It’s a matter of convincing yourself that you can and for that, you will.

To our surprise, we had special guests from the Philippine Embassy who supported the event and the group from the start. And also a celebrity we all know, Arnel Ignacio!


I’m proud to be part of a successful event! More #RunningFeats for us (and for me) ♥

 To know more about the group, here’s a link:



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