In less than a month, I’ll be 25 and my blog, which has been my outlet turns 2 today! ~*double celebration*~

This time last year, I talked to a really old friend of mine (talk about nursery frenemies, because I’m my uhogin self) Acie P. I have always wanted to have my own blog, with my domain name wherein I can share literally any thing that goes on with my life. I don’t even mind if anyone reads it but it’s just one of the little dreams in my list. And seriously, I’m the type who gets what she wants. 😉 Since I’m an avid follower of this artist gurl I approached her and asked if she can make my dreams come true. Her work always leaves me in awe when I come across them on fb or IG, until I found myself actually going to her profile and updating myself with the latest. Gurl, you’re greAaAaAt. It took us more or less a month to discuss how I wanted my blog to turn out giving me options from A to D. AND SHE WENT waaaaaaay BEYOND MY EXPECTATIONS.

You’re here. Admit it, you love it too.

Blogging journey

It mirrored who I really am. Some people blog about fashion and food, I’m about sharing my little accomplishments on sports I join in and mini travels to places.


At first, I shared about my addiction with the Korean skin care routine which I have not been religiously doing anymore. It worked for me! I’m just too lazy to do it now. And it shows. LOL. Hello dry, flaky, skin!

mp for jg 3

I was also able to share my more than a year journey with my dragon boat team, Masterpiece! Our accomplishments in and out of Doha ❤ Those are irreplaceable moments in my life.

Processed with VSCO with ke1 preset

‘Til I paddled with another team just for fun! My diving group joined the mock race last February. I don’t know why a lot of people make a fuss out of it. 🙂 There, I said it! But that drama has no room here in my happy place.

My mini travels.

Warm Up

And now, my active participation with FitQ for my dreams!! And you have got to remember, that I’m the type who’s gonna work her way to her dreams. ❤

To sum it up, I just want to thank you Acie for making this dream come to life!!! Now my blog is 2 years old. ❤

If you want to work with her. Please check out her website: witty girl, this girl.






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