Exactly this time last year, I was with my diving group chilling after my open water class. I was chatting with this person ♡ ( who has now become an integral part of my life) because I knew how much he was involved in triathlon. I expressed my interest and curiosity to the sports and with how things worked out today funnily, I find myself training for triathlon. Calling myself a triathlete does not do justice for triathletes who have conquered and finished races. But we’ ll get there. We’ll get there someday.

Last March 25, 2018, the Ironman 70.3 was held in Davao and one FIT-mate, whom I have known ironically only on his send-off party in Coffee Beanery last January participated in the race. Despite the short time, we had a chance to talk about his triathlon journey and his preparation for his Davao race. He mentioned his attempt in 2016 to finish but he wasn’t successful. Obviously, giving up was not an option. 45 seconds to the cut-off time, he was able to finish strong in his first successful Ironman 70.3 in Davao.

Send-off gathering last January

“Our great weakness lies in giving up. The most certain way to succeed is always to try just one more time.”

I’m making this “7 Questions/Things” an item in my blog. And I chose kuya Reden to be my first feature for he has inspired me so much to pursue what I once thought a year ago was just a dream. When I watch Ironman finisher videos, I literally bawl and this is not an exemption. I cry happy tears 😊

1. How many times have you joined triathlon races?

Reden: Four sprints, one relay, three Ironman 70.3 attempts, two in Bahrain, one cancelled swim in 2015 and one “DNF” (did not finish) in 2016, and yes, this is my first completed 70.3

2. What was your preparation prior to the Ironman 70.3 Davao?

Reden: Long preparation for the race, that also includes my preparation for my next race in June 3, which will be held in Subic, Ironman 140.6. I have to wake up early and do my training program given to me by my coaches.

3. How has your group FIT helped in your journey?

Reden: Fit (Q) really helped me a lot as well as Fit (PH), they helped me focus on my swim cause that’s my weakness.

4. What/who inspires you to do triathlon?

Reden: In 2013, I was diagnosed a pre-diabetic then I met the Fit(Q) family. I was also inspired by the PDWs who are doing Triathlon, if they can do it, why can’t I? There are no excuses.

5. Did you feel pressure when you were getting closer to the cut-off time?

Reden: A little bit, I was planning to speed up but my leg cramps was punishing me, and the blisters were very painful. Good thing, coach Ronald Molit came to pace me on my last 7KM.

6. What was in your mind while crossing the finish line?

Reden: I was thinking of GOD who gave me strength and my family who was watching for me to cross the finish line.

7. What’s your message to aspiring triathletes (like me ❤) out there?

Reden: Be patient, never give up, self-discipline. We swim, we ride, we run some more!!!



Truly the way to achieve your goals is to never give up. It’s a simple, overused statement applied to almost all aspects of life and yet it doesn’t become less accurate. It’s the only way to keep moving forward in life. Sir Reden is one true example. He never used his failed attempts, his medical condition to stop, his cramps or even his blisters. Let’s keep in mind what he said:

“There are no excuses.”

Acknowledgement: Featured Image taken by Emmanuel Roy Hipe with permission to post. He’s a freelance photographer based in Davao! Check him outttttt yo!

Aspiring athlete,



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