During the course of my training, one of the many good reasons why being in FitQ is just the best, the group announced that Sharq Village and Spa has generously offered to make their beach open for athletes. We used this chance to train in the open water on Saturday mornings as a group. Training in the pool is a must but because not all pools are open for the public and some may require registration, we’re very grateful for Sharq’s offer.

As a way of showing gratitude to one of the most luxurious hotels in Qatar, Last April 21, while still on that post-race high, I once again impulsively signed myself up for 1000m swim together with my fit-mates. We joined the event “Swim for A Cause” that started at 9:00am.


This was a chance to overcome my fear of open water that  somehow affected my race (The Pearl Triathlon 2018) and if you’ve read my article, I mentioned that I used my race experience as a way to gauge myself on how I can do better next time. I didn’t put pressure on myself but I did my best to go further than chest deep. I warmed up for a 500m swim and slowly I was able to swim relaxed at a pace I’m comfortable in. The event started with the participants swimming for 500m, then 250m and finally 1000m. I was again last to finish but I’m saying this proudly, I didn’t stop for a second and had conquered my unnecessary thoughts. 😀

Thank you again for the generosity, this has been a way for my experienced teammates to train and for beginners like me to be a part of an awesome event. If you want to spend your staycation at Sharq please visit their website through this link:

Sharq Village and Spa


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