If you haven’t followed my blog, I acquired my diving license here in Qatar (and now currently taking my Advance Open Water classes). You may find my group on the right side of this page. I’m a proud member of Buhangin Divers for a number of reasons. One would be how patient my diving instructor has been since day one whenever I tend to be pabebe and overly worried, which I can proudly say have reduced over time. Anyway! So I recently came to the Philippines for a short vacation and had arranged with my co-buhangin divers who are now based in the PH a dive sesh last April 30, 2018. It doesn’t take much to make me happy and easily I could say that that experience is one of the best moments in my life.


Mayumi Resorts (Facebook page)

+63 917 845 2383

Unfortunately, due to my fickle-mindedness (as kuya Abet would call it), I was not able to book a room much earlier and the resort was fully-booked! 😦 We arrived at Batangas at 12:00 a.m. and (thanks to you Jaja) stayed in Red Eagle hotel. We drove 7km to Mayumi at 7:00 a.m. to meet with the other divers.

Evan, Rolly, Ronald, Abet, ME, Jaja, Kuya Dheng’s wife, Kuya Dheng, PJ

So amazed by the fact that we all became friends in Doha and we all meet in the PH doing the same thing and yet this is the first time I see this side of their lives. LOL. ~*OFW feels*~

Kuya Abet planned the whole thing up in such short notice!


  1. Cagban Cove
  2. Batok
  3. Twin Rocks (After lunch)

I was both nervous and excited because diving in Qatar is way different than what I had experienced. But needless to say, I was able to witness how important it was that we constantly see to it that we practice our skills. I thought I was bad at hovering but in fact I did relatively okay!

Hover my dead body (loljk)

It became a joke within the group that I was too amazed that I had bought my own world resulting to me minding my own shit (evident on the picture), not really sure if it was because it’s my first time or I’m just really in awe about how beautiful life underwater is (we’ll see about that on my next dive).

Thanks for looking after me dive buddy ☺

My favorite dive was in Batok. It’s surrounding Sombrero island, which literally means Hat and since the dive site was right behind it, they named it Batok, which means nape ☺ Creative, right? Or in Filipino, we’d call it… ang taba ng utak.


I was lucky enough to see a sea turtle… and funnily, only kuya and Abet I saw this among the group HAHAHA!! I was so amazed that only minutes after descending we accidentally saw this cutie pie and followed it just for a minute ( because we don’t want to stress it out, right 🙂 ) Some probably are used to it, well as for me, I don’t think I’ll ever get used to this ♥ It’s wonderful.


Our third dive to the twin rock was a bit challenging for me because the current was too strong we had to hold on a rope after doing a back roll. I am boring and I didn’t cross so no picture!

Cute supportive friends waiting for me to finish

Since I still had no equipment of my own, I rented and borrowed some from Kuya Abet. All-in-all the dive costed me 3,000+ PHP. Worth. It.



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