MyBirthday Foundation Inc.

has been very supportive ever since I expressed my intent to celebrate my birthday with the kids. They helped me plan and suggested we help the kids of GK Tatalon.

I want to specially thank Dianne for being hands on in the event and for helping me because I didn’t know how to begin. My program didn’t include games but I wanted to spread a bit of environmental awareness with the kids regarding proper waste disposal and the importance of taking care of our planet.

Dianne from MyBirthday Foundation Inc.

My friends and I weren’t able to go to Black Market during our vacation but it felt like we did when we danced Baby Shark and Hayaan Mo Sila by Ex-Batallion. HAHAHA!!! We were all dancing and the kids had some talent to showcase as well. It sucks that my plan can only post pictures. -_-

I just want to share that this is very doable and that it doesn’t take much to make others happy.


Thank you to my high school batch mate in St. Theresa’s College, Sophia (you can check out her styling business at @sophofstyle on instagram). She helped me find a caterer, her family relative and she personally delivered the food to me. It’s been what, 8 years!? since we graduated and yet the spirit of being a Theresian lives on inside us. Packed food contained chicken and spag, kid’s favorite, gelatin, and BIG juice!


My best friends for 9 years were there to help me entertain the kids. Thank you!!!


Those two young ladies on the right are my cousin and one of my bff’s sister. Thank you for being there and for helping me document the whole thing because I was too busy showing my groove ♥


In our own little ways we can make others happy ♥

Thank you again @sophofstyle, @labyumajora – for referring your friend for the giveaways and for the designs, our helpers for helping me pack the supplies, my highschool best friends for being supportive and Gawad Kalinga Tatalon.

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