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Camp Carabao

I’ve only been in Coron once and have never tried any other sort of tour but I don’t think I still have to and these are the reasons why I choose Camp Carabao over anything



GENUINE FRIENDSHIP.  There is absolutely nothing wrong with joining tours except that it’s not something I want to do. Even if an option to get a private boat, which is rather expensive I won’t be necessarily enjoying the tour with a crowd congested in one tourist destination, right? Don’t get me wrong, I like meeting new people, I’m just not going on a vacation to do small talk with people who won’t matter 5 seconds later, you know what I mean? Small talks are one of the keys to survival (lol) but there’s nothing wrong with building short term but genuine friendships rather than talking about “so… how long are you staying here?”. Living in an island overnight, drinking local brandy where signal is relatively low could build real friendship.


UNIQUE ITINERARY. Backpackers usually have DIY itineraries because obviously who does not want to maximize their time while your in one of the most beautiful islands in the world. Sometimes when we follow the usual tours, we get to see places we don’t really appreciate that much, and when we finally do find a place where we want to stay we can’t because of the fixed schedule. So itinerary CC offers options where they have filtered themselves. All you’ll have to invest is your trust. And though, it may sound too good to be true, in times like this we may face some issues with boats or a fellow backpacker who can’t be right on time. But these are moments just lasting a minute of your life that you’d rather choose to forget. And anyway, boat issues on a beautiful island? Best way to build #1 up there.


GOOD FOOD. When all else fails, when the world is cruel to you, when you’ve had a heart broken and decided to enjoy on a beautiful island, what better companion is there but good food? Eat with your bare hands. Enjoy local food you’ve never tried. Hello, get out of your comfort zone and try something new! (Thanks kuya Cris I can still taste how good the liempo you grilled for us)


CHILL. I’ve just recently turned 25 and a lot of people face quarter life with so many questions. We all have got to chill and realize that life is good. We have got a long way to go to figure out what we want to be and where we want to go. There was never a rule when we came out of this world that “bitch, by 25 you gotta get your shit together”. Get on a hammock, read a book, listen to whatever type of music you like, look at the sunset and remember that this is a reminder that tomorrow, another day will come and we must try again. In a place where the reception is not so good, it’s a perfect time to let things slow down. You’re on a vacation!!! Forget about the deadlines, forget about your shitty workmate, savour the moment of waking up in a hut, looking at the endless sea, get sand on your toes and realize life is good. It’s been the best way for me to recharge after one year of being away from home.

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My sack



EXCLUSIVE. What I noticed when we arrived in town is that the streets are similar to Boracay. Full of tricycles, different shops are all over, food is everywhere only that when you step out of the streets in Boracay the white beach is there and you could easily plunge in the water but as for Coron you’d see the port where boats are docked. Got me thinking that the only way you could ever enjoy Island Life is through hopping on a boat and joining a tour to different islands (but I was obviously wrong). Boat’s going to take you to the Camp Carabao on a 40-minute ride, not so far but it feels like you’ve been taken away on a special place.

And btw, we were able to enjoy Twin lagoon all to ourselves. Yup. No evidence or gopro videos because sorry, we were too busy living in the moment 😐

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CONCEPT. I loved how so modern and yet still indigenous the vibe is. Modern in a sense that it shies away to common ideas of a ‘package deal’. Indigenous that you’re with Tagbanuas around you and the concept of the island being in touch with a local Filipino – huts, hammocks, cooking adobo in a pot is one of my favorites! And yes, you can cook and grill your food! There was one incident, wherein I was really careless to have injured myself and the Tagbanuas in the island helped me without second thoughts. Thank you for that! The Tagbanuas are by the way one of the oldest groups in the Philippines and they’re responsible for taking care of the beauty of Coron. I think every other reason here boils down to this. The concept is different and makes the rest more exciting. You can have good food while at a boring tour that could fix it all but this right here, offers something diff from the beginning. It’s worth it.

Das me, gurl

ISLAND LIFE. You can literally (in any of the Kardashians’ tone) wake up and go straight snorkeling because right in front of your hut! Of course, take safety precautions and wear aqua shoes because remember, it’s their home and you’re there as a visitor so don’t be stupid. You can also go kayaking to the next island and have your own mini photoshoot because yeah, instagram likes is a vital part of our lives. 😉 HAHAHA I slept on the sand and didn’t give a fuck waking up with sand on my face. I love the sea. I love looking at it and getting lost in my own thoughts. I have only recently overcome my fear of open water and it adds reason to why I love being a beach bum.


K. So there, I’m definitely a hundred percent sure coming back to Camp Carabao. It’s just my default Coron go-to place tbh. So bye.

Edit: Funnily, I forgot to link them: RED CARABAO PH

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