The title doesn’t say anything about this post. Or not yet. You can listen to it while reading this.

You know those days when you’re supposed to do something and find yourself looking at old notebooks and stuff you thought you’d never ever need? That happened to me today. I came home and saw my passport laying on my bed. Not really a safe place for things aka passports. Just to briefly share how my day went, I woke up with a light mood. I guess praying last night helped? As I was about to leave the flat, my roommate handed me packed food she made for me. Thank you! As part of my routine, when we arrived at the office, I left my bag on my table, brought my huge mug to the pantry, made my own coffee, complained a little jokingly at the office boy about the creamer always getting lost and went back to my table. I ate the packed food even if it’s meant for lunch cause well… why not? HAHAHA. I read my old e-mails and saw a lot of thank you’s from my boss from last Thursday. After being frustrated with myself for a month and finally realizing that being frustrated doesn’t really help, it seems working hard is the solution and it does really pay off. 🙂 The day went by fast. I came home seeing my passport on my bed. I looked for my folder of important things.


Yup. Okay, the truth is I really got distracted because my stickers were on top of the folder. I meant to keep them there to stick them on my luggage when I have the time. I’m making that a thing for me though it’s been out there, being done by everyone already. Lol. I sticked them on my luggage and realized it’s going to take a while for me to fill up the whole space. So I tried to look if there were stickers in my books I may have used as bookmarks. Then I found my old notebook. 🙂

Diyalogo Stickers
All stickers from Diyalogo

It’s filled with random things inside. But there’s one part where I made a bucket list dated 3rd of October last year. I can’t remember how dark those days were anymore but looking at it now, it seems that it counts as one of my low moments when I saw a letter where I have written at a time I was already on the verge of giving up. But obviously, I’m here now. So I fought. Fought hard. The bucket list funnily included learning swimming, finishing a 5K Run (just imagine), enroll in an advanced water course. I had a lot in my list. But only those ticked off were not even close to 10. But I’m wearing a big grin right now. We overlook the blessings we receive. I tend to forget how I used to want the things I have right now that I complain even for the littlest things. We get used to things that we take them for granted. It was one of my low moments because I got terminated. It’s my first job abroad but you know what, I’m thankful it happened. I learned how to value my earnings now, I know and I’m sure that it has made me stronger. It made me experience a lot of things I was not able to even when I made more money.  I was so lost. I thought that my value depended on the money I made or on trying my best to impress people close to me. It’s always the idea I create in my head. I thought I made them disappointed but they were all worried that I was taking the termination harshly. I’m blessed to be surrounded by people at that time who forced me to go out of the house, to go diving, meet with friends because it’s not the end of the world and boy they were right. Nothing should ever stop your life from going.

We’re going to figure it out 🙂

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