My sister and brother-in-law have been engaged in crossfit for nearly 2 months to date. I’ve always expressed my interest to join but since I’m financially unstable (lol) and still paying off debts, I had to set it aside first. Until last week my sister, also my best friend, invited me to join the 7-day free trial in T23 Unloaded, Pearl. And so I did.

5 of 7 days 🙂

First you sign up personally and they make you sign the waiver. I was extremely excited because I did HIIT and Crossfit back in 2014 with my best friends. Though 2 months is quite a short time, it was one of the best decisions we made as a group because 1, it’s a healthy activity and that’s one drastic turn from our unhealthy lifestyle wherein we drink every night and 2, we became aware of each others’ competitive side. LOL. I remember us struggling to climb up the stairs back then and constantly asking ourselves if we did the right decision but we really know we did. We still talk about how we love that point in our lives.

I won’t be able to join Crossfit classes in T23 because I had to take the fundamentals classes. But it’s okay, cause in Unloaded HIIT would help me get back on track after months of being a lazy bum neglecting running because of the unbearable heat outside. (Excuses) I’m going on a vacation and that’s what pushed me to do it because I wanted to be fit again.

After signing up, you get access to their App which is very convenient. It’s amazing what technology can do nowadays. Back in 2014, if we were attending classes the next day, we had to let our coach know because there’s only a maximum number of people per class. Of course in that case the coaches can be more efficient and watch over newbies like me whether we’re doing the right thing or not. We let them know manually by signing on a paper. Now, with the Wodify App, we get to prepare ourselves because the WOD (or Workout of the Day) is posted and you can choose to sign in at a time which is convenient for you. If the class is full, you can reserve your slot and wait until anyone backs out and if not, you can choose another schedule.

I did not take pictures of the WOD because I’m not sure it’s allowed. But that’s the amazing part with classes like this, that it’s different everyday. Every workout focuses on various parts of your body. These WODs are carefully studied unlike when you do your own workout and sometimes it gets to a point we overuse our legs or arms that lead us to having injuries.

Ever since I’ve been involved with sports, it’s been my fear to get injuries because that requires lots of rest and sometimes leads to our muscles getting weak. That’s why we need to look after our forms. I believe that people need coaches to guide them. Like in all aspects of life, we need someone we look up to and guide us. Some are gifted to stand on their own without the help of coaches, but never it works for me.I was privileged to join classes by Coach Erin and Coach Steph (not sure if their names are spelled right). I don’t feel ashamed to be called out whenever my form is incorrect because through that I’ll be able to learn. And so, thank you! In a week, I was able to see changes in my body. I’ve also started to accept that I’m not the slim type and will embrace the athletic body that I was born with.

Thankful also for Ken, the receptionist who has been friendly and welcoming. I’m definitely signing up after my vacation. I’ve been lucky that Uber gave me an access code to Urban Point! I’ll be able to buy a month of classes that comes with one more free month for unloaded classes.

I’m happy that I keep myself busy through sports and that it’s one of the things that keep me sane. A week without doing anything will drive me crazy but I’m all for #Endorphins Overload!!!

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