Almost 2 months in. Haven’t not been consistent with trying to live a healthy life. My life has taken a diff path and I have adjusted and there are still things to adapt to to survive. I’m loving life but I can’t help but reminisce and remember the crazy random karak nights with my closest friends so I decided to create a list of things I miss in Doha.

1. Since we’ve mentioned it, the karak nights.

Here’s a video we made for fun called Karak 101. karak is chai or milk tea, sold almost anywhere in the city. It doesn’t matter whatever the season is, it is the cheapest and easiest way to gather your friends and catch up. For only 2QAR (0.55USD) you can get yourself a cup of regular karak. You can request to have it with ginger or cardamom, with less sugar (chos). Tea stores are not limited to karaks alone, they have the usuals like coffee, green tea. Cheapest U.B.E. (Ultimate Bonding Experience!!!)

2. This should’ve been number one but THE SHAWARMA, BRO.


My favorite shawarma places would be: 1. Ali Baba 2. Bursa 3. Marmara

3. The safe running and bike lanes



You won’t run out of places to run and bike. There are running lanes here for sure, but sadly, I don’t have plenty of time which leads us to number 4.

4. The short office hours

I remember after work and being able to lie down on my bed, go for a run, buy my shawarma afterwards. HAHAHA, we can’t have it all. While on this side of the world, I love what I’m doing at work but I just don’t have a lot of time. Given the traffic, and the late working hours, sometimes having to work straight not just for 5 days but for more than a week. Well, I’m not complaining. But what a wonderful world to be in if I had both the time and a job that I love doing alongside with that. Well, I’m grateful. After all, yes life is short but everything will work out fine in God’s perfect timing.

5. Being able to go to my friends’ houses and eat HAHAHA

Working abroad has taught me to cook, fix my things and depend on my own. But I’m lucky to have friends who cook the BEST meals and have me over at their houses. So I miss that, I can’t mention their names but they know for sure who they are. I messaged them this morning about it.

6. The dogs

I mean, just look at that face. Why would you ever want to be away from that cute little thing? Never fails to put a smile on my face and take my stress away. I didn’t get to have a lot of pictures with Burger (the newly adopted dog) but he sure does make me laugh via video call too.



7. I don’t want to get cheesy and say the last number’s my boyfriend. Lol, but maybe it would be the different activities I got engaged in, with him.

There’s the dragon boat team, Masterpiece, dive group, Buhangin Divers, running around safely in parks. ❤

I won’t ever forget all the things I’ve learned in Qatar, career-wise and for myself. I miss some things on random days, but here’s the list of my favorite things. Are you Qatar-based or have you visited before?

One thought on “7 Things I Miss About Doha😝🇶🇦

  1. I’m a Scot whose living in Qatar. I teach. At 47 I’ve tried picking up rugby but I’m scared of injuries. I’m going back to running. I am to join the Doha running club and hopefully do the QRS series


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