Okay so I thought this year was going to be better for all of us but as it turns out, it’s way worse than last year. I don’t know I’m putting this much pressure on me. I may need a social media break. So this year started off okay. I was actually getting back on track with my fitness. My sister was generous enough to hire the services of a fitness coach which only lasted me 1 month. I had enough excuses not to push through with my routine. The ECQ happened and I just don’t have any motivation at all. Sometimes, I don’t even know what this life is for. Like, not in a suicidal way but more of wtf am I going to do. When this year started a close friend has offered me an opportunity, which I was a lot grateful for. But it was shortly ended when I was advised to discontinue that job. I was really earning extra income from that side hustle but I know and understand the reasons why it had come to an end. But either way, I still feel like it’s a big loss since I was starting to feel like I could stand on my own and closer to my ultimate goal, which is to be finally independent. But now, it looks like again I’m on the brink of borrowing money from hjdfnkml,z i don’t know anymore. Because all of my ideas look bad to other people. I don’t know how I’ll be able to start and learn from my mistakes when I’m being too sheltered already. I mean, I don’t want to sound ungrateful but just when I was starting to earn on my own. But lol ok, maybe I needed to snap back to reality and realize more the importance of humility. And being able to measure and set my priorities. So much things have been wasted on hfjdknmsaksvrgejklkhjvkrge god

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