Blog Turns Two!

In less than a month, I'll be 25 and my blog, which has been my outlet turns 2 today! ~*double celebration*~ This time last year, I talked to a really old friend of mine (talk about nursery frenemies, because I'm my uhogin self) Acie P. I have always wanted to have my own blog, with my domain … Continue reading Blog Turns Two!

#RunningFeats: Women’s Month Fun Run ♥

Last March 9, FitQ and ANSAP ran a successful event that garnered more or less 300 participants of all genders and ages. Prior to the event we had a meeting to discuss the technicalities of the event. FitQ leader, Pres. Jaynald (click the link to know more about the group) assigned different responsibilities to us … Continue reading #RunningFeats: Women’s Month Fun Run ♥

International Women’s Month Fun Run: March 9, 2018

To celebrate the International Women’s month, our group, Filipino International Triathletes Qatar in coordination with the Philippine Embassy in Doha, organized a Fun Run Event to honor all the Women from all over the world. The International Women’s day is officially on March 8 but the fun run will be happening on March 9, at … Continue reading International Women’s Month Fun Run: March 9, 2018