I Tri-ed for the First Time!

And not only that! I finished!!! It doesn't end there, I did it on my birthday!!! (+++Fun) Pre-Race Day It's important for first-timers to make a list of all the race essentials prior to the race day. It's only normal to feel jitters and feel sick to your stomach (please say it is or then … Continue reading I Tri-ed for the First Time!

My 7 Running Routes in Qatar

Whether you like walking, jogging or running, Doha won't disappoint you with the abundant running lanes they built for everyone to use! They have just been sitting there waiting for us to choose to live a healthy life 😛 I usually run after work and on weekends and I'm so happy it only takes a … Continue reading My 7 Running Routes in Qatar

#RunningFeats: Women’s Month Fun Run ♥

Last March 9, FitQ and ANSAP ran a successful event that garnered more or less 300 participants of all genders and ages. Prior to the event we had a meeting to discuss the technicalities of the event. FitQ leader, Pres. Jaynald (click the link to know more about the group) assigned different responsibilities to us … Continue reading #RunningFeats: Women’s Month Fun Run ♥