1000m Swim For A Cause @ Sharq Village and Spa

During the course of my training, one of the many good reasons why being in FitQ is just the best, the group announced that Sharq Village and Spa has generously offered to make their beach open for athletes. We used this chance to train in the open water on Saturday mornings as a group. Training in … Continue reading 1000m Swim For A Cause @ Sharq Village and Spa


Today marks the 8th year of my mama's passing. She left a mark in her friends and most especially to us her family and we terribly miss her. But this post is not about mama. It's about the person who was left broken when she left -- my father. NOEL Prefers to be called Leon. … Continue reading Noel

Blog Turns Two!

In less than a month, I'll be 25 and my blog, which has been my outlet turns 2 today! ~*double celebration*~ This time last year, I talked to a really old friend of mine (talk about nursery frenemies, because I'm my uhogin self) Acie P. I have always wanted to have my own blog, with my domain … Continue reading Blog Turns Two!