7 Things I Miss About Doha😝🇶🇦

Almost 2 months in. Haven't not been consistent with trying to live a healthy life. My life has taken a diff path and I have adjusted and there are still things to adapt to to survive. I'm loving life but I can't help but reminisce and remember the crazy random karak nights with my closest … Continue reading 7 Things I Miss About Doha😝🇶🇦

Recommend 7 Things to Do in Taiwan 🇹🇼(aside from Taipei 😉)

Hello, non-existent readers! If you've been to Taiwan or been researching about the country, can you give me and my jowabels recommendations aside from going to Taipei? I've recently watched Netflix's Street Food Asia: Taiwan to do a little research and to my surprise, they didn't feature their capital city and instead went on about … Continue reading Recommend 7 Things to Do in Taiwan 🇹🇼(aside from Taipei 😉)

Video#4: Roadtrip

Please watch in HD! https://www.youtube.com/watch?v=R9Ed8S8lc20&feature=youtu.be Call  me crazy for saying yes to a road trip that involves hrs of uncomfortable back-ride, because yes, I am crazy. Going to Sagada, we left 3:30am from Quezon City and took NLEX-TPLEX-La Union-Cervantes to arrive at 4:00pm. It would only take 8 hrs straight to get there without the … Continue reading Video#4: Roadtrip