7 Things I Miss About Doha😝🇶🇦

Almost 2 months in. Haven't not been consistent with trying to live a healthy life. My life has taken a diff path and I have adjusted and there are still things to adapt to to survive. I'm loving life but I can't help but reminisce and remember the crazy random karak nights with my closest … Continue reading 7 Things I Miss About Doha😝🇶🇦

Reasons to Smile

Problems and challenges that come our way are spices of life. Without all the batshit crazy things going on in our lives, we won't be able to appreciate the good days as much as we do. On Jan 14, I came to a decision to resign and come back home for good. I wouldn't say … Continue reading Reasons to Smile

How to Organize a Dragon Boat Mock Race ☺

The National Sports Day takes place every second Tuesday of February, every year. This is a holiday to promote health and wellness to all the locals and residents of Qatar. If you go around the whole city, each place offers different kind of activities. One that is closest to my heart is Dragon Boat, instead … Continue reading How to Organize a Dragon Boat Mock Race ☺