Bye, (plot twist: just the domain name)

Hello, non-existent readers. I have decided not to renew my domain name and it shall be freely used by anyone in three days. But i will remain blogging and writing on random days when I feel like doing so. So, how's life been lately for me? It is no longer fresh news that I have … Continue reading Bye, (plot twist: just the domain name)

Video#4: Roadtrip

Please watch in HD! Call  me crazy for saying yes to a road trip that involves hrs of uncomfortable back-ride, because yes, I am crazy. Going to Sagada, we left 3:30am from Quezon City and took NLEX-TPLEX-La Union-Cervantes to arrive at 4:00pm. It would only take 8 hrs straight to get there without the … Continue reading Video#4: Roadtrip

How to Organize a Dragon Boat Mock Race ☺

The National Sports Day takes place every second Tuesday of February, every year. This is a holiday to promote health and wellness to all the locals and residents of Qatar. If you go around the whole city, each place offers different kind of activities. One that is closest to my heart is Dragon Boat, instead … Continue reading How to Organize a Dragon Boat Mock Race ☺