December in Davao

September last year, I made a decision to go back to my dragon boat team and along with that ate back all the words I said. We can all laugh about it now. When I joined the mock race the same month, I remembered the feeling of victory and how it tasted so good. It … Continue reading December in Davao

Saracen Winter Race Festival 2017: Women Champs

This is a long overdue post on Saracen Winter Race Festival 2017 that happened November 24 last year. The competition was held in Grand Hyatt Hotel open for recreational and premier groups. After what happened in Korea, the whole team was looking forward and beyond excited to join a competition. This was good news for … Continue reading Saracen Winter Race Festival 2017: Women Champs

What really happened in Busan? Just a brief explanation of what brought me to Busan. My dragon boat team, Masterpiece  has registered to the 7th Busan Open Korea Dragon Boat Festival since June this year. The team has prepared for the battle that was set on September 1-2. At first, I was unassertive with joining but eventually by end … Continue reading What really happened in Busan?