My 7 Running Routes in Qatar

Whether you like walking, jogging or running, Doha won't disappoint you with the abundant running lanes they built for everyone to use! They have just been sitting there waiting for us to choose to live a healthy life 😛 I usually run after work and on weekends and I'm so happy it only takes a … Continue reading My 7 Running Routes in Qatar

#RunningFeats: First 10km Race ☺

Last March 24, 2018, through the help and push of my fit-mates, I was able to finish my first 10K run ever! I have been in an on and off relationship with running since October last year. I know a lot of people would relate, running wasn't my favorite thing. But somehow eventually, I felt … Continue reading #RunningFeats: First 10km Race ☺

International Women’s Month Fun Run: March 9, 2018

To celebrate the International Women’s month, our group, Filipino International Triathletes Qatar in coordination with the Philippine Embassy in Doha, organized a Fun Run Event to honor all the Women from all over the world. The International Women’s day is officially on March 8 but the fun run will be happening on March 9, at … Continue reading International Women’s Month Fun Run: March 9, 2018