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24 years young, living and working in Doha, Qatar

Jumbogurl, also Eureka Quiaoit to many, is not your average Doha-based jumbo ~guuurl. She is a giant ball of sunshine that would lash anybody out with her vibrant, adventurous whims — which would often include eating out past midnight, going on hikes unplanned, joining sports team lacking female participation a.k.a. lowkey crushing the patriarchy, basically conquering the world one jumbo step at a time.

The label “Jumbogurl” was given to her by her thug college classmates, as her Jollibee deliveries at 4 am would constantly include daing na bangus, chickenjoy meal (thigh part, please *rolls eyes*), 2-pc. pancake and what else there is worth craving for.

Jumbogurl is not only Eureka’s brainchild (made possible by Acie), but more importantly, it serves as her creative outlet as she lives, recounts and relives the best time of her life — which is undoubtedly the present, right now, as you are reading this and devouring every bit of my content. Thank you for taking interest in my life stories, both mishaps and milestones, and I sincerely hope to inspire and entertain you by simply keeping it real.


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