It’s Wednesday and I said Tuesday is blog day.

I flaked out. I don’t know how I end up so being exhausted after work when I’m just in front of the computer *facepalm. And I have also been neglecting my fitness goals. I just want to have a long complete 9-hour sleep. And yup, let’s not talk about my commitment issues. LOL.  Enough with the excuses and let’s get it on.

As I’ve said in my previous post, I have been utterly considering investing on my life insurance. I’ve been putting pressure on myself ever since I lost my job last September because I think it’s about time I do? Yes, I can buy the things I want, eat the food I crave and get to where I want to go and end up having 0 balance at the end of the month. All my salary goes to these temporary sources of happiness and the longer I stay in this set-up, the longer I’ll stay here.

People here have different situations to choose to stay here longer. And for me, I think I’m finally seeing a bit clearly amidst this cloud of plight. All thanks to people who are very supportive of me in my journey to the road of maturity. (wut)

Reasons why I want to invest on my life insurance ASAP:

  1. We gotta start while we’re young and as they say, the older you are the higher the prices for life insurance get. Before, life insurance is merely life insurance but now they come with investment features and are called Variable Universal Life Insurance (VUL). You can choose from a list of options as to what kind of investment feature your insurance will come with. I have never been this interested until my boyfriend asked me where my salary goes and I was caught off guard and pointed to my tummy. Kidding aside though, he has a point. When you’re lost you tend to spend most of your time scrolling through your facebook and instagram feed… and time is too precious to be spent snooping on other people’s lives. In my decision to get a life insurance, I considered the benefits of investing in long-term, high risk platforms. For now, I may be lost but two years from now who knows, I may have it all figured out by then. At least, I have my money kept somewhere trustworthy and already growing.
  2. I have no family of my own (yet?) but I want my papa, who went on an early retirement because he’s going through difficult moments to be secured.

I am no finance expert AT ALL. I only learned from the advice of experts and obviously people who have invested on life insurance as well. When my mama died, we processed the insurance claim, which I only understand now. I didn’t have any idea what was going on that time but it’s’ all clear to me.

How I do my ongoing research

  1. Her agent, from sun life is still in touch with us. My ninang who’s one of my mama’s best friends is also an insurance agent that I get to speak about this in layman’s terms. I’m lucky to be around them it makes it easier for me to choose the best for me. So if you know anyone in the business, it’s best to talk to them but not pester them with a lot of questions because these people are busy. They don’t have a definite time when they meet people but they need to attend to them because that’s their job. Lol.
  2. I also went to the free teacher, youtube. Very easy and handy.
  3. And different financial expert Filipino blogs.

We all need to do our homework on our own because in the end whatever advice we get from other people we will be the ones setting the standards for ourselves. It’s your hard-earned money and it’s your life insurance, no one else gets to decide for that.

Factors to take into consideration learned through a series of blogs I’ve read:

  1. Assessment of your assets and liabilities. This is what I learned from / Izza. If you have liabilities that leave you negative, then it’s obviously not the best time to invest especially that it’s already your obligation to pay your insurance on time unless you want charges to pile up or your investment to be forfeited.
  2. If you have a family or dependents, it’s best to consider to get one soon for their security.
  3. The benefits of being able to withdraw depending on your insurance policy by the time you lose your job, retire, or pay for other things like mortgage. If you don’t want to be a stressed retiree someday, then it’s better to think ahead than to regret later.

This is so opposite of the 2015 Eureka who just wants to live in the moment, spend it all and feel it all. I shall update you once I get one which will be very soon. It’s too early for me to talk about it since I haven’t purchased. But I want to fake it til you make it. Fake this ~*maturity*~ thing. Hahaha! Seriously though, it isn’t just about being mature but being frugal. It’s about better making choices too.

If you can advice me on this, then I love you. Let me know your thoughts.


P.S. My next post will be about the Nov 24 event, Saracen Winter Dragon Boat Festival where we won as Champion for the 200m Women Category. ❤


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