I’m Aika, an OFW for 2 years and I’m turning 25 this April. I’m coming home for a quick vacation after more than a year. I pledged to celebrate on May 1 with MyBirthday Foundation Inc. (if you’re planning an important event through helping others you can check them out) with Gawad Kalinga Tatalon as my beneficiary. Some of you might already be familiar with the book later released as a movie, The Secret and there’s one chunk I remember when they discussed that we all have different low moments in our life. Some of us may have lost someone really important, broken up from a long-term relationship or gone broke at some point in our lives, but that’s all part of the past and the important thing to remind ourselves of is


I’m not sharing this to look all goody-goody because I’m aware I’m not the best person out there. It’s just that I’m in a state where I find that it’s a perfect time for me to give back to this harsh but kind world. We don’t want to focus on the dramatic parts of our past because that’s something we can’t change. But those dramatic moments in our lives are what led us to the braver, better versions of ourselves like, bring it on, life! 

I saw this moment as an opportunity to:

1) help Gawad Kalinga Tatalon, through the help of MyBirthday Foundation Inc. It’s a small community we have often visited during our PALIHAN Days in St. Theresa’s College, QC as part of our outreach activity.

2) help my papa by selling his parked CDs with his original composed song entitled “Dungaw sa Dilim”, performed by RockStar 2 Joseph Aldana and spread his words which are soon to be released.

Some people who personally know me are aware that my Papa has been diagnosed clinically depressed after my Mama passed away 8 years ago. We’ve struggled all those years and have gone through different measures to ease his pain. To see a background of his journey with his unwavering love for the Filipino flag please click this link : NOEL. He may have failed in some parts of his life as he thinks he did but it’s never, ever too late to take a big step to change. And it applies to everyone struggling with depression. He was very hopeful with the greatest mama who was very supportive of his dreams and goals by his side. And losing her felt getting back up to his feet was impossible. We’ll prove him wrong. We have lots in mind, my sister and I, to publicize papa’s songs. Watch out for it!


Good news is!!! We can all be a part of this effort! This is all voluntary but if you wish to be part of this, this is how you can help:

  • If you know a caterer or if you’re a caterer who can serve for a number of 35 people, delivery will be in QC please let me know. (Preferably using reusable containers cos save the environment)
  • I’ll be giving loot bags for give away, if you know someone whom I can buy bulk from at a good deal let me know through the message box below! Or if by chance you wanted to give away some stuff for kids then yey!
  • My Papa’s CDs are limited to 35 copies! (I’m still finding a way to produce more asap) If you happen to be looking or know someone who’s looking for a talented artist who can write well, my Papa’s the right person to hear out! You want to do a collaboration, let me know!

You can pre-order an original CD with his song now priced at 550 Php or 40 Qar. Let me know! For Qatar-based, I will come back on 5th of May and will deliver the CD, for Philippines-based, my cousins will take care of it to hand them over to you if you ordered after my departure. Proceeds will go to the kids of Gawad Kalinga Tatalon and to Papa to support his career so that he will be able to produce more of his music.

Thank you for taking time to read this ❤

I would like to acknowledge Acie P. for putting my thoughts into her design and art. Without having to describe the specifics all the outcome are just how I pictured it would be. You’re the best! Thank you for doing this despite the short notice.

I will update you with every little thing I’m going to do because you’re a part of this too!

Leave something in the comment box below or you can directly send me an e-mail to –

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