Photo by: Ronald Maglatang

We have a different way of celebrating despedidas

For some it would be chill drinking or dressing up for dinners, but for Buhangin Divers there is no better way to celebrate friendship and sending off people to a journey with uncertainties yet filled with hope than a dive! Despedida + Dive = Despedidive ❤

Let’s face it, we’re here to work and only a few are lucky to know for sure when they’re coming home. Most Filipinos here are here to save money for different life milestones, different reasons and that alone for me makes you a lucky person to have your life planned out for yourself.


Last 17th, we had our Despedidive for a friend I’ve known since I started paddling from scratch in MP back in 2016. We just knew each other and didn’t really get to hang out until just recently. She also celebrated her birthday, which she didn’t bluntly announce. She’s very down to earth and though I feel a little pang of sadness because she’s the kind you would want to keep, I also feel three times happy that she’s ready to take on the challenge that is the Philippines. Not a lot of people are brave enough to make big decisions as such. I admire her for thattttttt 😉

This post is about how our dive went last Saturday. No goodbyes, Jaja only see you laters!


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